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Last updated: 7th September 2017

Many enterprises and families don’t take any measure for electricity outage. It’s mostly considered as just a minor inconvenience. Certain places however, will need a power generator as they need power at all times, like restaurants with frozen meats or hospitals’ critical systems.

Why should an ordinary home owner buy a generator? Every now and then we get the perfect storm, whether it is a hurricane or a typhoon, they tend to cause a lot of destruction. Having no power might be a hassle for some, but if you live in some of the colder countries, this can be deadly! Now that we’ve talked about the importance of generators, let’s talk about the different types of generators to help you make an informed decision.  


Buyers Guide

General tips and considerations before choosing a generator.


Generator Power Options

Generators burn fuels usually propane, natural gas, gasoline or diesel to supply power. The safest fuels are propane and natural gas, please take that into consideration.

Generator motors usually use engines from well known names such as: Ford, GM and Honda. I recommend buying from these names as it makes it easier to find parts and repair service for them.


Standby Generators

These generators are installed permanently as an emergency power source. Used in businesses and restaurants that need power on at all times, they are hardwired to your electrical system and get fuel from city or propane lines. These kind of generators will power most if not all systems, letting you get with business as usual during dark times. Quality generators have numerous safety features to prevent injury and damage. The better ones can even be shutdown automatically to prevent damage.There are also models with noise mufflers to prevent complaints.


Portable Generators

These generators are smaller and more portable but provide less power. These generators are usually seen in construction sites to power certain tools. They can power the lights and fans of the house when electricity is cut, but not much else. They are cheaper and often that alone goes along way. These generators are for normal houses to keep the lights on during a blackout.

Choose a model that powers what you need the most during a storm or snowstorm.         



Free shipping! GenTrax 2.0kVA Pure Sine Silent Inverter Generator


Powered by a 72cc overhead Cam 4 stroke engine, this 2.0kVA Pure Sine Silent Inverter Generator is all you need when you're out.

Capable of running tools up to 2000W while maintaining 1500W easily, this inverter generator offers clean sine wave power that is powerful, safe & sensitive to equipment like laptops and televisions. Packed into a compact body, it is capable of powering appliances in your caravan/camp-site giving you convenient and steady power while you're out on holiday. Carrying a 3.6L tank, the generator can run for 4 hours on 100% load and twice the time on economy mode.

Economy mode is included in this model giving you the option of fuel saving while running small loads such as lights or camping fridges. Installed with weatherproof Australian 240V 15A outlet, this machine's output gives you the option of running 12v appliances directly or to charge up 12v batteries directly from the generator. Whatever the task is, this silent generator is guaranteed to run for years and years to come. Make it your constant companion for camping, off-roading or for trade purposes!

GenTrax 2.0kVA Pure Sine Silent Inverter Generator




This generator is perfect for camping trips or in your caravan for your adventures. The tank carries 3.6L and the generator can run to up to 4 hours. It can power sensitive devices like laptops and TVs while powering lights and fridges too.

It comes with Economy mode that allows you to save fuel by running small loads, like lights and fridges. The generator is silent and will not bother anyone.

All in all it’s a great generator to have for those outdoor or road trips.



1.8KW/18000W/1.8KVA - 4 Stroke 3 Phase Output Gasoline Generator


The new 4 Stroke 3 Phase Output Petrol Generator is ideal for all your outdoor needs. You can use it on a getaway weekend, a pre-game tailgating party, or in the unfortunate event that you need temporary power in an emergency. It could also be used by hunters or campers who want to run portable TVs, radios, small stoves, grills, or other small appliances while they're out in the wild. This recoil-start can run for 8 hours with its 13 liter fuel tank capacity, and it has 2 single phase outputs and 1 three phase output for your convenience. Powered by unleaded gasoline, which is easy to find, this generator will be the last power backup you'll ever need. You never know when you're going to need a backup supply of power, and we've got your needs covered. Be ready to power any device and order your 4 Stroke 3 Phase Output Petrol Generator today!

Gasoline Generator



This multi-purpose generator model can be used for camping and emergency situations. Strong enough to run for 8 hours thanks to its 13 Liter fuel tank. It would be useful if you want to take a camping or hunting trip and use appliances like powers portable radios, small stoves, grills and other smaller appliances. This will come on handy during the harsher months when the power goes out. This generator will give you the lifeline you need to survive some of the darkest times of the year. Having a back-up measure will never hurt.    



Generators tend to be overlooked but once the lights go out, you’ll wish you had one. These emergency power sources will keep the lights on and life convenience till everything is sorted out. There are different types of generators out there to buy, so it may seem daunting at first but our friendly customer service staff is here to assist you in whatever questions you might have.

It never hurts to have a backup. Feel free to contact us!