Oven Review: How to Choose a Kitchen Friendly Electric Oven for Your Baking Treats

By CrazySales.com.au

Last updated: 12th September 2017

Any kitchen appliance that can simplify cooking procedures and save time will be in people’s buying list. So ovens are always in the list. Electric ovens can come in a range of electric ovens and gas ovens in the aspect of energy sources. While they can also be divided into convection ovens and steam ovens according to their cooking methods. In line with people’s domestic designs, built-in ovens and free-standing ovens are specially invented for different cooking space. However, if you’re searching for an oven combining features of high efficiency, energy saving and food flavor locking, convection ovens will be the best choice for you. At CrazySales we prepare several electric convection ovens to perfect your cooking.


What Is a Convection Oven?

A convection oven, also named fans oven or fans-forced oven, has fans to circulate hot air to cook food fast. Compared to the traditional radiated ovens which adopt radiated heat from heating elements, convection ovens save more energy and cause less concern about radiation. All of the convection ovens on sale at CrazySales are free-standing types, among which there’re portable ovens for outdoor use. Capacities are various, depending on how many people you plan to serve usually.


What Benefits Can You Get from a Convection Oven?

High efficiency of a convection oven can be proved with two figures: using a convection oven can reduce cooking time by up to 25%, and cooking temperature by 30%, due to its actively circulating fans. With less electricity cost and time consumption, you can cook a delicious cuisine easily and quickly.


Even heated is another essential advantage for convection ovens compared to conventional ovens. Fans installed inside the oven can offer hot air surrounded food evenly, ensuring the surface of food to get equal heat. While the radiated ovens fail to control the air inside, making air run randomly, and result in some burnt spots or unbaked surface of food.


Versatility is an attractive selling point of convection ovens, since no one could say no to an all-in-one device which can solve various functions. They’re perfectly invented for cooking, warming, roasting, re-heating and baking. Whether you want to bake a cake or a pizza, or grill a chicken, our convection ovens will never disappoint you.


What Do You Need to Consider to Buy a Convection Oven?

Capacity is definitely the first factor you need to think about. The size of your family and the number of people that you cook for usually can determine how large a convection oven you’ll need. At CrazySales, we have different sizes for you to choose: Tiffany 17L Turbo Convection Oven Express Cooker, Maxim 28L Oven and 34L Electric Convection Oven.


External design can be what you consider as well to correspond with your storage place for the oven. As usual, compact design is more convenient for most families. Our 34L Electric Convection Oven with Twin Hot Plates & Rotisserie, Thermomate Portable Camping Oven and Stove and Maxim 28L Oven with Hot Plates & Rotisserie all adopt compact designs. However, if you’re interested in some creative shape like a cooker, we can provide you with Tiffany 17L Turbo Convection Oven Express Cooker with Temperature Control + Timer.


Accessories can take account while considering the cost-efficiency. For the compact 28L and 34L ovens, they’re equipped with hot plates on the top for cooking and boiling. The baking or roasting racks are complete in all our products: baking tray, rotisserie, removable racks and so on. You don’t have to consider which oven has more accessories, since our items are all cost-efficient with many bonus parts.


Buying a Convection Oven on CrazySales

34L Electric Convection Oven with Twin Hot Plates & Rotisserie

If you’re hunting for a multi-functional convection oven with large capacity, this oven must be your solid choice. 34L standard capacity can satisfy your family’s need. Hot air circulating is its key technology, with extra cube interior design to distribute heat more evenly.


34L Benchtop Convection Oven

3 heating modes enable you to cook different food: upper tube, lower tube and upper+lower tube. You can choose the suitable one mode to guarantee the finished quality of food especially the barbequed meat. Moreover, there’s a heat-resistant light bulb inside for you to check the cooking position anytime. It would be very funny to see the food tuning brown or expanding.


Tiffany 17L Turbo Convection Oven Express Cooker with Temperature Control + Timer

Maybe you don’t want a large capacity oven, this 17L one can be your purchasing goal. This Tiffany 17L Convection Oven looks like a cooker, with a controlling panel on the top for time and temperature setting. And there’s a handle on the top as well for you to take, totally portable anywhere. It allows you to roast, bake, grill, steam, boil but keep the moisture and sweet flavor of food.

Tiffany 17L Turbo Convection Oven

Compared to conventional cooking, this oven can cook faster with the circulating hot air and similar consumption of electricity. It would achieve dual purposes of fast cooking and energy saving if you choose this oven which looks like an air fryer. More details about our air fryers, you can view our Air Fryer Buying Guide.