Small Kitchen Appliance Review: Smaller in size, Stronger in Functions

By Echo Xie

Last updated: 12th September 2017

Most of us pay a lot attention on the big kitchen supplies like slow cookers, ovens, range hoods and fridges. With them a kitchen with basic cooking functions has formed. However, there’re still some little utensils to simplify and even embellish our cooking. It is exactly these extra tools that help cooking become a fantastic job. If you’re on the hunt of some small kitchen tools online, CrazySales is the best platform for you to improve your cooking experience. From ingredient preparing to food processing, we can offer you convenient equipment to cater for your needs.


A modern family always needs some tech-advanced equipment to assist with the housework, including cooking stuff. The most popular items at CrazySales cover food vacuum sealers for food storage, food dehydrators to squeeze moisture out, blenders to mix and crash the ingredient, mincers for mince-making and so on. Here in the small kitchen appliance buying guide we’d like to recommend 4 small kitchen appliances for sale to make your cooking smoothly-operated.


Maxkon Vertical Vacuum Sealers

Why Food Vacuum Sealers?

What is the most important factor for a delicious cuisine? Most of you must answer “cooking skills”. However, the key to guarantee a cuisine’s flavor is the freshness of the ingredient. Therefore, we need to focus more on food storage. It is more than a simple step of stuffing food into a fridge, and different types of food need different processing positions. That’s why Maxkon Vertical Vacuum Sealers appear to help.


Multi-modes of Food Preservation

There are several modes for different foods to choose while packing and vacuuming them. In the perspective of packing modes, there are normal type and gentle type. If you’re still confused about which type to use, you can check another button to choose “dry” or “moist” according to the ingredients’ moisture content. When you switch to different modes, there will be notice on each button with the LED light on. Besides, there is another function about vacuuming canisters and bottles by using an air-sucking hole connecting with the containers.


5 Times plus Processing Time

As a result of vacuum storage, using a vacuum sealers can make the processing time 5 times as long as the no-vacuum methods if food are stored in a freezer. Under the room temperature or in a fridge, meat and fruits can be stored for twice as long as the usual processing time.


Maxkon Commercial Blender

Blenders must be a fabulous invention for cooks cooking professional and amateurs. Connect the electricity, put the ingredient into the cup, press a button and wait. That’s how one uses a blender. Maxkon Commercial Blender has been improved to smooth people’s user experience on several designs.


The blender adopts a knife with 6 blades, speeding up the crushing and blending procedure. No matter whether you want to crush vegetables and fruits, or chopping meat, the 6-blade knife enables you to get thorough mixture of food ingredient.

There is a 1.7L capacity cup to contain the food. This oversized capacity is suitable for you to put any chunks into the cup. If you prepare a big meal and need to crush many ingredient, this over-sized blender can save your time.

Maxkon Commercial Blender

You may worry about the safety issues during its working. The exclusive lock-lid design can eliminate your worries. Before you use the blending machine, you have to lock the lid properly. Otherwise it won’t start to operate. It can avoid spillage effectively with the safety-lock-lid.


Maxkon Round Adjustable Food Dehydrator with Removable Trays

When should we use a food dehydrator? Actually it’s a super convenient tool to squeeze out the moisture of food. Especially when you want to DIY some preserves as snacks or ingredient of home-made yogurt. Buying preserves always make you worry about the sanitation and health problems. But after getting a food dehydrator, you can make preserves of fruit and meat. Sometimes your kids want some snacks, and dried food made by yourself is exactly another new taste.


This adjustable food dehydrator consists of 5 layers of trays and a container with a controlling panel. The large capacity enables you to dehydrate so much fruit or meat. Besides, there’re a panel indicating different temperatures for you to choose. No matter how dry you want the food to be, you can select a temperature suitable for your needs.

Maxkon Round Adjustable Food Dehydrator with Removable Trays

How can I clean the dehydrator inside with so many layers? Take it easy! The 5 trays of the machine is detachable so they’re very convenient to clean. Just use a brush you can clean the remaining food residuals among the holes and gaps.    


8 Stage Water Filter and 2 Bonus Filters

The concerns about water has lingered on all the people’s mind. With the severe water pollution problems we can’t stay assured about the quality of water. Why not equip your home with a water filter? Our 8 Stage Water Filter online aims to guarantee you and your family’s health by protecting water from the contaminant.


The filtration of water goes through 8 stages to filter the impurities and contaminants. The top and the bottom layers are both ceramic plates. The 6 stages of the middle filtration include the following: KDF, activated carbon filter, red and white bio ceramic mineral ball, activated carbon filter and red mineral ball. Through the whole process of purification, the hazardous material have gone and those natural minerals stay in the water. The optimized filtration system enables you to DIY mineral water at home instead of buying them in supermarkets.

8 Stage Water Filter

The water filter can hold 16L tap water once, which can ensure a whole family’s drinking water consumption. Most of our guests delivered positive feedbacks about this product. “The purified water reminded me of the rain water I drank as a child.”