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Last updated: 7th September 2017

Buying a tool box is not easy, since there are plenty of factors to consider. Whether you are a mechanic or an average guy just looking to fix things around the house, there are different tool boxes to fill your needs. Do you get a big one or a small one? One with wheels one without. These are just some of the questions you need to ask when buying a toolbox.    


Consider the two basic types of toolboxes.


Stationary Toolboxes


This type of toolbox shouldn’t be used in large projects or garages. In larger garages you may need better mobility for your tool box to optimize performance. This kind of tool box works best in a smaller garage.   



Roll Around Toolbox


The Roll Around Tool Box is an excellent choice for bigger garages and projects. This kind of tool box will allow mobility, allowing you to get tools with ease to different locations. Some of them are designed with different sized drawers, to keep all kinds of tools accessible.


These are the two basic types of tool boxes you will need for your tools. Below I will give examples of tool boxes to help you.



Shogun Mechanic Tool Box on Trolley with 16 Drawers, Side Handles and 4 Castors - Black


This Shogun Mechanic Tool Box on Trolley with 16 Drawers, Side Handles and 4 Castors keeps all your tools at hand and organized. Keep your tools close by and organized with this Tool Box Trolley Cabinet. It’s in black colour with handle and 2 compartments for storage. The top of the tool box has a compartment is a Tool Chest on its own, with a handle on each side, you can lift and place it anywhere you need while pushing the rest of your tools in the cabinet trolley or somewhere else.

With a powder coating finish, this trolley tool box is perfect for the rough and gruff. Whether storing your tools, parts or accessories, you'll find loads of space to house them all safely. The heavy duty design makes it ideal for car engine overhaul, painting, carpentry work or hobby work.

The tool box is easy to maneuver swivel caster wheels and durable metal supports with 16 drawers at the side for easy access - 9 on the Tool Chest and 7 on the Cabinet. Don't just throw your tools or leave them laying around anymore. Keep them all organized, safe and easily accessible with this Mechanic Trolley Tool Box.

Shogun Mechanic Tool Box on Trolley



This tool box is great for keeping all your tools handy while keeping them all together. The 16 drawers allow you to keep pretty much any tool in the book. The wheels make it easy to move around, which is perfect for use in a car shop or garage. You will always have the tools you need close at hand with this one.



30 Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack


This 30 Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack helps keep your work area neat and organized. Ideal for the garages, shops or hobby rooms this storage rack makes sure you never lose those tiny items and will never have loose screws. The 2 sizes of molded polypropylene storage bins fit onto an included peg board that mounts onto most walls and is light is weight. Store nails, screws, crayons or even jewelry with this handy storage bin!

30 Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack



This Bin filled storage rack will keep all your tools easy to get on sight. The Bins are made of durable polypropylene for quality and safety. Label the bins so you know what tool is in the bin, with over 30 bins to place tools in you will be more organized than ever before. This 30 Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack will keep tools in their proper place.       



9 Drawers Tool Box Chest - Black


This high quality 9 Drawers Tool Box Chest Black will keep all your tools close by and organized. Constructed with powder coating finish and sharp edge protection, this tool box is built to last long in the garage. Featuring with 9 drawers with various sizes and lockable drawer, it is ideal for storage your tools or other things.

Save your hassles with installing racks and shelves and keep all your tools organized and easily accessible.

9 Drawers Tool Box Chest - Black



This tool box is not a nonsense model. Put your tools in and take it out with a huge capacity, that’s the gist. The tool box has 9 drawers of different sizes allowing you to put varying sized tools inside. The drawers are lockable for added safety.   



Tool boxes come in many shapes and sizes and can vary in convenience. Pick one that suits you the most based on their functions. Below is a link to show you different kinds of tool boxes. If you are having trouble deciding what tool box to get, simply speak to our friendly customer service staff they will help you pick one out to suit your needs.