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Last updated: 11th September 2017

There’s no need for everyone to be an engineer, but everyone can be an engineer of his or her own home, vehicle, or garden with the repairing skills and some equipment. With the development of machines and tools, we can be a repairman anytime when something broke. At CrazySales, we prepare multifunctional tools for you no matter what you want to repair. About some smaller types and portable tools, we have tool boxes, digital thermometers for measurement, hand tools including some trivial parts, work lights. Some larger or bulky tools include air compressors, generators, winches and hoists etc.


Besides tools for reparation, you must need some accessories to maintain your car. To protect your car, equipping an alarm system for your car can help to guarantee its security. Car awnings offer a shade to your vehicle in bad weathers so that the car can have a longer life span. Moreover, car care is important too. So carrying a car repairing kit can make you keep calm at any time of your driving. Certainly we hope to have a delightful driving in the car. Music fans want an audio system to play some tunes. A holder for your iPad makes you get rid of holding it on hand while on others’ drive. Last but not least, a set of accurate GPS trackers is indispensable for your clearly-directed routines. You can go wherever you want to go with navigation guidance. We know that one’s first car occupies important place in his or her heart. That’s why we prepare various maintenance tools for your auto.


A Tool Kit Make You an Automatic Repairman

Whether you’re a professional engineer, or an amateur of fixing anything, you can find tools online to help you on CrazySales. Choosing tools online needs some considerations before placing an order. What do you plan to repair decides what kind of equipment you need to buy. Hammers for knocking in nails, drills for boring holes, spanners for twisting nuts, generators for producing electricity… Or a tool case can satisfy all your basic repairing needs. Then, if you need some bulky machines to assist your repairing job, you need to read the instruction carefully because usually big stuff are pretty complicated to handle. Besides, you’d better buy some equipment with security parts in case that your pets or kids touch them and get hurt. For most people, a tool kit with all equipment needed is very convenient. Now we’d like to recommend the most popular tool chest for sale, a set of 160 pcs drill bits with a metal case.


160 Pieces of Drill Bit Set in Metal Storage Case

This set of drill bits mainly features its numerous drills with different sizes for drilling different materials. There’re 3 series of drills in the perspective of drilling materials:

  • HSS(High-speed steel) twist drill bits coated with titanium;
  • Polished wood drill bits;
  • Wood drill bits polished with black oxide;
  • Masonry drill bits coated with chromium, used for drilling bricks and concrete.


In each series there’re drill bits with different sizes ranging from 1.00mm to 10mm to cater for every handyman’s need to drill holes. Equipped with a metal storage case, it’s very convenient to carry it everywhere and store the drill heads well. Inside the case there’re many dividers for different size drill bits. On the back side of the case’s cover, there’re indications of different size drills corresponding to each row of the drill bits inside the case.


160 Pieces of Drill Bit Set in Metal Storage Case

Auto-caring is True Love to Your Car

Improving the appearance and the inner configuration are equally important for maintaining your auto. For the appearance part, car awnings can make your vehicle get rid of the harm of burning sun or pouring rain. Some floor mats can keep its inner space clean and stylish. And the inner maintenance is so important as well. So carrying some car tools is necessary, helping you in many accidents and breaking-down situations. Like constantly checking the engine compression of your vehicle can avoid and figure out many problems. Our petrol engine compression tester kit for motorcycles and automotive must be a good choice for most of vehicle owners.


Multifunctional Ratchet Socket Wrench Set

There’re 46 parts inside the tester kit:

  • 13pcs 1/4 inches DR sockets: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm
  • 21pcs DR bit sockets: PH 1, 2, 3, PZ 1, 2, 3; FD 4, 5.5, 7; HW 3, 4 , 5, 6 , 7, 8; T 10, 15, 20 , 25, 30, 40
  • 2pcs 1/4 inches DR extension bars
  • 1pcs 1/4 inches DR quick ratchet
  • 3pcs hex key wrenches: 1.5, 2, 2.5mm
  • 1pcs 1/4 inches DR universal joint
  • 1pcs 1/4 inches DR sliding bar
  • 1pcs 1/4 inches DR flexible extension
  • 1pcs 1/4 inches DR spinner handle
  • 1pcs bit adaptor
  • 1pcs blow case


Besides there’s a metal box to hold all the parts above. Its molded design is easy to carry and store the equipment.

Multifunctional Ratchet Socket Wrench Set


The existence of tools aims to help you solve various mechanic problems, and the existence of CrazySales can make your choice of equipment easier no matter whether you’re handyman or engineers.