Top Three Air Fryer Reviews --- Reduce Your Fried Food Guilt


Last updated: 27th November 2017

Fired food has been regarded as the least healthy food in most people’s opinion. French fries, chips, fried chicken…We always fail to resist the totally new flavour after food being fried, so we’d like to buy them in restaurants or shops although we know they’re unhealthy. Some fried food enthusiasts even invest a convection oven or deep fryer at home. These traditional equipment usually need a lot of oil to fry food. This creates oil absorption and results in high-calories food. But now there’s another new device that produces extremely hot air circulating around food to “fry” it. This is air fryer, making “fried food” become much healthier than before.

Hopefully this air fryer review is gonna help you find the ideal air fryer that can bring healthy oil-less fried food to you and your family.  Plus our Appliance Buying Guide will guide you to have informed purchase on other kitchen appliances.


What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer actually is an outcome of our rapid-developing technology. It’s a kitchen appliance to “fry” food with hot air circulation without oil. Usually air fryers are equipped with knots or buttons for controlling temperature and heating time. But some of appliance will adopt more humane design: changing the time and temperature controllers with different modes in the aspect of different recipes such as chips, French fries, steaks, shrimps and so on. This newest design has become so popular among consumers because the modes make cooking so simple that a cooking fresh hand can make it!


Besides frying food, there’re more functions in an air fryer. It is not only used for deep frying, but also used to bake, grill and roast items.  


Why Do We Need an Air Fryer?

For fried food fans, having a portable machine to DIY chips, French fries and steaks at home is the most idealistic choice. You can’t guarantee whether the fried oil is healthy and fresh if you buy them in restaurants. Especially for the families where kids like fried snacks, parents must worry about their kids’ health with the concern of fried food quality.


Moreover, using the traditional oily recipe to make fried food can bother you with the oil issue: what am I gonna do with the oil after frying food? An air fryer exists to deal with the above problems: air-heating technology enables you to get rid of oil and keep the taste similar to the oil-frying food.


When we use conventional ways to fry snacks and meat, we usually waste much time on it. But an air fryer is a quick cooker for frying, baking and grilling. Put the ingredient into the pot and set the temperature or mode, then you can wait assured to get flavorful food after a while.


How Does an Air Fryer Work?

The key part of an air fryer is the rapid air technology system. This system operates by creating circulating hot air to coat the food and make them flavorful and browned. Inside the air fryer there is a basket or pot to hold the food. With the special design of the air fryer, the ingredient are coated with the hot air evenly. So the food will get browned quickly.


Besides the rapid air system, there’s another system for hot air exhausting. It also plays an important role on the working of an air fryer, since during the heating process the temperature of the air fryer gets higher. Without air exhausting the machine will be easily broken due to the constant heat and the kitchen will be hotter while frying food. As a result, when food is cooked in an air fryer, there isn’t excessive hot air spreading everywhere.


Top 3 Air Fryers on CrazySales

There’re 3 different air fryers with various designs or functions on sale. You can pick up the exact one to make delicious and healthier fried food.


New 3.2L Air Fryer

New 3.2L Air Fryer is most highly recommended machine for healthy fried food among our customers. It adopts rapid hot air convection to heat the food in 360°motions, allowing you to keep the moisture and original flavour of food.


The most humane design of the LCD screen air fryer is the fully electronic operation of multiple setting modes. Compared to other air fryers which need setting temperature and time, this appliance has been changed the temperature and time controllers with different modes of dishes, including: chips, chicken, steak, fish, cake, meat, shrimp, and warm-up. After you select one of these modes, the fryer will start to work and stop automatically when the food is finished. That is how the intelligent power-off and start system works.

New 3.2L Air Fryer


Space Capsule Inspired Design Air Fryer Oven Cooker

As the name suggests, this item’s shape looks like a big capsule, with the capacity of 13L. Although it doesn’t adopt the setting mode designs in the perspective of dishes, its temperature and time setting is convenient as well with the user-friendly digital control panel.


The lid of the small kitchen appliance is made of glass, which enables you to check the cooking conditions anytime during cooking. The fried cooker needs much less time to fry food, chips for 15-20 minutes and 2kg chicken for 30 minutes.


Another attracting point of the appliance is the 7 bonus accessories to assist the cooking: chicken roaster, dual rack, rotating cage, rotary BBQ set, pizza pan, steamer and tones. Compared to other appliances, it’s the most cost-efficient one.


Space Capsule Inspired Design Air Fryer Oven Cooker

Certified 3.2L Air Fryer with Teflon Coated

The healthy heating technology can reduce 80% fat compared to the traditional frying cooking methods. The appliance belongs to small capacity types, especially suitable for those who prefer trivial fried food than the large portion meat.


Teflon is a kind of material can the food from sticking into the surface of the pot. It will be easily cleaned after using. Besides, the cool-touch handle helps you to hold the item safely.


Certified 3.2L Air Fryer with Teflon Coated