Water Dancing Speakers

Water Dancing Speakers

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  • $15.95

  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers
  • Water Dancing Speakers


Pump up the volume and let the music flow with these Water Dancing Speakers! Spice up your usual home music listening routine with these one-of-a-kind sound speakers. These 4 LED speakers are the perfect musical companion for any home sound system. Their sophisticated design means they go great with any musical occasion and fit soundly with any home décor. The LEDs create dazzling light show as the speakers pump out the tunes to keep your party going all through the night! As the volume rises and falls, the lights create a vivid display of light in the water, so the atmosphere is ever-changing and always an extravaganza for the eyes and the ears! The speakers are USB-powered, so you won’t have to worry about batteries or power adapters.  Your friends will love them and your guests will want a set of their own. Lightweight and compact this home sound system makes any party, banquet and get-together a whole lot more fun. The portable speakers are versatile too –they work easily with iPods, iPhones, Pcs, Macs, MP3 Players and a host of other audio devices. Just plug and play, there’s no installation necessary and no hassle with set-up. You’ve never seen a set of audio speakers like these – let your ears and your eyes be the judge!

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  • Sleek, Contemporary Design Suits All Occasions
  • USB-Powered – No Power Adapter/Batteries Required
  • Easy to Use, Plug and Play – No Installation Needed
  • Environmentally Friendly – Constructed of Non-Toxic Material
  • Amaze Your Friends, Entertain the Guests – Great For Parties
  • Four Multi-Coloured Fountains Dance Up & Down with Music Volume
  • Lightweight & Compact - Perfect Musical Partners for Any Occasion
  • Works for iPhones & iPods, Also Usable with PC, Mac, MP3, MP4, MP5, and Other Audio Devices



Power Supplier


Output Power




Signal & Noise Ratio



4 OHM(O)





Case Material


Product Dimensions

22.5cm x 4.8cm x 6cm

Package Dimensions

8cm x 15cm x 25cm

Package Weight

0.5kgs approx.

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