Jet-USA 3800PSI High Pressure Electric Pressure Washer RX550

Jet-USA 3800PSI High Pressure Electric Pressure Washer RX550

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5 out of 5 from 21 reviews

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Reviewed By slightlynutz
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   5 stars
When setting up house BUY THIS FIRST 2017-08-12 20:52:16

This pressure washer blows away all the other "branded" pressure washers that cost hundreds of dollars more. If I had known how excited my husband would be when this arrived I didnt tell him it was coming...I - mistakenly - thought hed just grunt as he does whenever I purchase anything online Id have bought this when we first set up house. The microwave beds lounge television toaster hell - even the kettle should have been secondary purchases. When this pressure washer arrived my husband was like a small child on Christmas morning. In the first two days hed cleaned the concrete driveway paths carport floor. He used it to help degrease the car motor. He used it to wash the car. He washed all the concrete house exterior. Our neighbour who speaks little english gets my husband to set up EVERYTHING they buy...beds barbeques televisions put water in their car because they have no idea where the water goes...or that it needs oil...etc asked to borrow it to clean his house. My husband looking horror-stricken clutched the pressure washer to his chest as if it were an infant being lunged at by starving wolves and replied "no". Actually a more accurate description would be of Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings clutching the ring to his chest madness in his eyes whispering "My Precious".My husband like many husbands I suspect is like an overgrown child who doesnt have to clean up after himself because "You cant make me". The driveway was stained from him doing 10 years of oil changes on the car ignoring the dirty oily mess left behind because "that sht wont wash off no matter how much degreaser I use". The lime dark stain on the concrete below our window air conditioner "Nup. Nothing will get that off."Since this pressure washer - or should I say "large man-toy" arrived all the "permanent unmovable" stains have vanished. All I need say now is "Dang that stain will NEVER come out" and theres my husband hooked up with the pressure washer like a Ghostbuster ready to annihilate the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Of all the items Ive reviewed this is by far the greatest purchase I have ever made. Oh our elderly neighbour who calls us every 4 letter word under the sun if a leaf from one of our trees blows into his yard is NOT impressed. He got out his expensive "branded" pressure washer and did his driveway which is separated from ours by a 3ft high chainwire fence and our driveway is still 10 times whiter than his. After 10 years of being woken by him revving his boat motor on a trailer...never seen the water revving his cars mowing his yard then using his leaf-blower to send all his grass clippings into our yard Karma has come in the form of the Jet USA 3800PSI electric pressure washer Id give this machine 10 stars if I could. Would I recommend it to friends Only my true loyal friends who are deserving of the power knowledge that this pressure washer bringsPhoto was taken while the concrete was still wet but gives you a good idea of the difference it makes to decades of uncleaned concrete.

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